CAROL PEACE ‘Sculpture is a Response to Being Alive’

Broomhill Art Hotel & Sculpture Gardens celebrates its 15th year by showcasing work by Carol Peace

Patron of RWA and co-founder the Bristol Drawing School, Carol Peace is an internationally renowned sculptor specialising in human form and expressive movement.

Founders of Broomhill, Rinus & Aniet van de Sande have been exhibiting Carol’s work since they opened the sculpture gardens in 1997.

Now Broomhill is celebrating its 15th year and they are marking their anniversary with a solo show by Carol Peace, in the gallery and on the lawn which surrounds the property.

The show began this Easter and will run until the Autumn in an exhibition called ‘Silent Moments – Observations of Human Life’.

“For my degree thesis I looked at Rodin’s work and the theory of representing movement. I realise now, some 20 years later, that I had asked the wrong question, it’s not about representing or ‘capturing’ movement, it’s about trying to respond to it in an intuitive way.

As a response to being alive the sculpture has to contain some kind of life. Raw and cracked in places, deep scars run over the work but the ruts and scars, as they do with drawing, reveal the form. I try to make the marks strong like using charcoal where there are areas of focus and areas that fade.

The work is about everyday life, in its minutia, the sheer fantasticness of it all. It’s about those quite moments, the flash of a look, a small gesture, the pressure of a hand in yours, of skin resting on skin; the extra ordinariness and magnitude of the simplicity of the touch of a partner, the closeness of love, it’s basic.”

Broomhill lies in one of the most glorious valleys in North Devon surrounded by hundreds of acres of woodland and bound by its own stream. Opening Times: Open all year (Mon-Sun) – 11:00 until 16:00. Broomhill Art Hotel, Muddiford Rd, Barnstaple, North Devon, EX31 4EX

For more information about Carol’s work, please visit:


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